School Leadership Team

Our School leadership Team Meetings will be held at 7:30am on the following days throughout the

2019-20 school year. 


From Co-Chairs Principal Miller and Mr. Antognelli:


  • 7:30–8:15am Friday, October 18th 

  • 7:30–8:15am Friday, November 22nd

  • 7:30–8:15am Friday, December 20th

  • 7:30–8:15am Friday, January 17th 

  • 7:30–8:15am Friday, February 14th 

  • 7:30–8:15am Friday, March 20th 

  • 7:30–8:15am Friday, April 24th

  • 7:30–8:15am Friday, May 22nd 

  • 7:30–8:15am Friday, June 19th